How to Brainwash a Nation? Avoid Debates. | Why Some of Us Were Silenced During Covid-19

Ella Valentine
4 min readMar 13, 2021

A year has passed since the UK and most of the world introduced lockdowns and other social restrictions which made me reflect on this unprecedented time for all of us. What was all that about really? A new flu strain arrives and we are suddenly too afraid to meet our friends? A deadly flu, one might say, but isn’t that subjective too? Scientists have attempted to estimate the proportion of people who die after catching Covid-19, and so far they tend to produce rates between 0.5% and 1%.

More than 480,000 deaths annually have been linked to smoking in the US, and 532,000 to Coronavirus since March 2020, while more than 600 000 deaths per year worldwide are caused by second-hand smoke (SHS) — this is more than 1% of all deaths. Why are we not banning smoking? It seems to be as deadly as Covid. Smoking is considered a personal lifestyle choice, and going by this logic, so should meeting a friend be during a pandemic. Let us decide if 0.5% -1% is worth sacrificing our well-being and livelihood for.

It all started with lessons on how to wash our hands (anyone didn’t know you are supposed to use soap?), and sing “Happy Birthday” slogans all over the place, because apparently this deadly virus would disappear with a simple hand wash.

Source: Rainbow Safety