Hello EPL Season 19/20. All Liverpool, Spurs, City and United are off to Flying Starts

Ella Valentine
3 min readAug 12, 2019

I was lucky enough to witness my team, Man United heavily defeat one of our ultimate rivals Chelsea at Old Trafford yesterday, but we were not the only team to start off their season with a bang. All the other main contenders for the title and the top 4 — City, Spurs, and Liverpool achieved smashing victories (well, besides Chelsea), while Arsenal also bagged their first win, albeit with only one goal against newcomers Newcastle.

Photo Credit: AFP

Chelsea suffered their biggest defeat by United since 1965 which triggered their fans to get the #LampardOut hashtag trend on Twitter already. But that’s no news — Chelsea has been struggling to find a successful manager since the first time around Mourinho took over the Blues. Apart from Jose, only Antonio Conte managed to lead the team for more than one season. Even after the second time Mourinho managed Chelsea up until 2015, there have already been six managers since. Things are not looking so good for Frankie Lampard but there are some quality young talents in the Chelsea squad. The question is — is Lampard mature enough to guide those youngsters? Is his lack of experience and young age a disadvantage, or quite the opposite? Does that put him in a position where he can pass on some of his not so distant experience as a Chelsea player? Frankie’s first season as a Chelsea coach is certainly one of the most intriguing things to follow throughout this season.

The other of the most anticipated lookouts is Ole’s first start of the season as a Man United manager. Solskjaer has had mixed reviews since United started off with an impressive winning streak when he first took over to end up finishing off last season with numerous defeats and missing out on top 4. People wondered if the success of his first games was due to an over excitement which would’t last in the long run. I, personally am one of the fans who fully support Ole and believe he is The One and he can get us back to winning trophies, but this season will be a good test and opportunity for us all to see how the team will progress in its journey to forgotten glory.